Two Planetesimals Colliding

Webb explores the Fomalhauts asteroid belt and discovers proof of hidden planets

This artist’s illustration depicts a collision between two icy, dusty our bodies orbiting the intense star Fomalhaut, positioned 25 light-years away. This will likely have precipitated an increasing cloud of very tremendous mud particles. Astronomers utilizing NASA’s James Webb House Telescope have now found three nested particles belts surrounding the younger star. These bands, which…

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Steamy Space Mystery: Webb telescope finds water vapor, but from a rocky planet or its star?

Steamy Area Thriller: Webb telescope finds water vapor, however from a rocky planet or its star?

This artists’ idea represents the rocky exoplanet GJ 486 b, which orbits a purple dwarf star situated simply 26 light-years away within the constellation Virgo. Observing the passage of GJ 486 b in entrance of its star, astronomers seemed for indicators of an environment. They detected hints of water vapor. Nevertheless, they warning that whereas…

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